Royal Garden Haggerston Buffet Menu

One of the most popular Restaurants in Haggerston Castle Holiday Park.

All you can eat! £10.90
including Crispy Aromatic Duck £14.90 served with spring onions, cucumber, hoi sin sauce & pancakes

Children – £5.90
Kids under 150cm (4’11”) in height, dine half price! We also offer 15% discount for senior citizens.

With over 30+ varieties of dishes* served daily
Wine & Beer available from our fully licensed bar,

Seating for over 60 people, party bookings welcome. Customers not staying at the Holiday Park are also welcome. If you are aware that you have a food allergy please contact a member of staff for assistance.

Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Prawn Crackers

Crispy Won-Ton • Crispy Greens (Seaweed) • Spring Rolls
Skewered Satay Chicken • BBQ Spare Ribs • Fried Onion Rings
Sausages • Beef Burgers • Capital Sauce Spare Ribs
Fried Chicken in Batter • Prawn on Toast with Sesame Seeds
Spicy Pepper and Chilli Chicken • Chips

Gravy • Cantonese Sauce • Malay Curry Sauce

Lemon Chicken
Beef with Green Peppers & Black Bean Sauce
Chicken and Mushrooms
Sweet and Sour Chicken (Cantonese Style)
Chicken Breast Curry
Beef Curry
Thai Style Hot Chicken
Beef Sichuan Style
BBQ Pork Char-siu
Cooked Sliced Chicken

Fried Noodles
Egg Fried Rice
Yung Chow Special Fried Rice
Singapore Style Noodles
Fried Pineapple Fritters in Syrup

Desert & Salad Bar!
Home Made Coleslaw & Potato Salads
Chocolate Fudge Cakes
Vanilla Ice Cream
Fruit Salads
Chocolate Chip Cookies

*Please note: dishes can vary on a day to day basis, therefore, the above menu is an example only.
(All items are subject to availability).